Milwaukee 75 Spraying close up

Recently delivered to General Mitchell International Airport, a DI 5000-75 with 5000 gallon tank and 75′ boom width.


Recently delivered to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, TLV ramp sprayer with 2000 gallon tank.

small huntsville

Recently delivered to Huntsville International Airport, a T-1100 with 1100 gallon tank and 50′ boom width.

dfw-75-onlyOne of (6) DI 4000-75 Runway De-Icer Pros delivered to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

De-Icer Pro Users


Satisfied De-Icer Pro Users

  • General Mitchell International Airport
  • Bluegrass International Airport
  • Chicago Midway International Airport
  • Chicago O’hare International Airport
  • Boston Logan International Airport
  • Denver International Airport
  • DFW International Airport
  • Winnipeg Richardson International Airport
  • Pittsburgh International Airport
  • Albuquerque International Airport
  • US Military Airfields and Airbases CONUS/OCONUS
  • Many other references and current users upon request.

Refurbishment Services


Save tens of thousands of dollars by refurbishing your De-Icer Pro, Tyler Ice Control/ Wausau, Smart MFG, or other runway de-icing equipment to like-new condition.

We refurbish and re-equip de-icer trucks, trailers, and slide-in units with the latest spray technologies. From electronics to the pumping system, our refurbishment services offer excellent value and maximum utility for your de-icing equipment.

We can transfer systems to newer chassis, rebuild broken structural members, replace plumbing, add flushers and other equipment. Please contact us for your specific needs.