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Welcome to the De-Icer Pro website. In 1979 Batts, Inc. began making airport runway de-icing equipment. Some De-Icer Pro units are used on runways and taxiways while others work on ramp areas, parking areas and roadways. Units, ranging from 300 gallons to 5,000 gallons (1100 – 18,900 L) with spray swaths from 10 feet to 75 feet (3 – 23 m), regulate application rates in precise amounts regardless of vehicle speed.

Fairbanks, Alaska D-I 2000 (-28ºF)

Adding a De-Icer Pro to an anti-icing and de-icing GSE fleet can reduce the amount of chemicals needed, lower costs and increase safety factors for landing conditions. Explore our website and contact us for more information on how a De-Icer Pro can improve your runway ice control program.

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